• Pocket Diary Book Club Ghanerao Retreat Log 1

    Chapter 1
    “Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai?…” – Yogesh Ji played an amazing song. Sandeep Bhai
    is listening and is in a ‘Paradise Lost’.
    Nirali is a woman. And we woman have a hate-hate relationship with our periods, unless
    miss it, then we love it, want it to visit and mess up our home and lives.
    Raxil is watching ‘The Godfather’ and keeping my bag and picking it up, every few minutes
    as I need something else like Jeera and Ajwain.
    Rajesh Ji objected to the songs but he was shot down by Nirali. Yogesh Ji is listening quietly.
    He is a sweet family man but today I realized something, he has a strong will. It’s not easy to
    stop him listening to his playlist or coming on a book reading, star gazing trip with almost
    “Zu Zu Zu Zu…”
    I have never heard these songs before. AI & Algorithms can never replace this feeling, of we
    humans learning, discovering music, books, movies in pen drive and ayurvedic items from
    bags of each other.
    “Ujla hi Ujla… sheher hoga
    Ho jisme hum tum… banaenge ghar”
    And Shaurya, the silent friend, bears the Indian tempo traveller seats with his long legs and
    6’3 height.
    Also, he is changing songs, keeping expense logs, and had cotton! Which man brings things
    that a woman remembers? He has things that I forgot. Like paper plates.
    “Amore Mio dove stai tu
    Ye kya ga raha hai?
    Apne pyaar ko yaad kar raha hai, aur keh raha hai ki,
    Aa aa aa, aise nahi, ga ke sunao na…”
    We are close to seeing the sun, as it comes up, all our plans to sleep are lost in talks and
    5:09 am
    Enroute to Ghanerao
    Song: Tracy Chapman (Fast car)
    “…. Maybe together we can get somewhere
    Any place is better…”