Reading Room by
Akshat Drama Group

What is reading room?

Over time, with the support and contribution of donating members, we have created a small

collection of books at our studio. On the request of many members wishing to sit in silence, browse

the bookshelves at the studio and read, we have opened the space on Saturday’s.

Can I bring my own books?

No. We are opening with the sole purpose of promoting the concept of donating and reading

donated books. Janvi, a member got some books online. Excitedly, I asked her the titles! She said, I

wanted to donate a few books from this so will share with you. I was touched at her act of sharing

her new books with others. I said Thank You. She said something that gave meaning to this reading


“If it’s at the library, all the members including me will be able to read. At my home, it will be only for

a few people.”

Can I donate books?

नेकी और पूछ-पूछ!

Can I donate money?

Gladly, yes. The money received as donation is used to purchase books for the reading room. The

details of purchased books from said donation is available on request.

Can I prepare for my exam at the reading room?

No. That is a different category of reading room meant for studies and work. In this reading room,

people who wish to browse and read from the collection are welcome.

How can I access reading room?

This is a small setup where we accommodate 7 readers at a time, a seat is booked by prior

appointment only.

Timing: as per available slots.

Open on Saturday: We announce the open dates on our Instagram ID.

How to book an appointment?

Please message on our Instagram ID (@pocketdiarybookclub)

Time will be confirmed to you as per availability.

Please respect the allotted timing to ensure smooth functioning and experience for all.