A column for readers & members of Pocket Diary Book Club to write their notes, journals, thoughts into an article.

This is a platform for readers to have a space to write about their relationship with literature and literary characters and the worlds they inhabit, our personal struggles and journeys with books and our lives simultaneously.

Write a column, solo or with other members, and submit to our editorial committee for a chance to get published on the Pocket Diary Book Club website.


  1. Only articles related to literature with well-researched original material are accepted.
  2. The article must be original and not published anywhere or on any other platform.
  3. Length: Minimum word count: 700 words
  4. Length: Maximum word count: 3000 words
  5. The article is reviewed by the Reader’s Write Committee, subject to their approval, the article is published.


  1. No promotion of other material written by submitting author in any form whatsoever.
  2. No plagiarism policy: we will be performing due-diligence to ensure the submission has no copyright issues.


The copyright of the published article belongs to Pocket Diary Book Club and the author. Once submitted & approved, the author cannot publish the approved article anywhere or on any other platform.

How to submit?

Choose a pseudonym and something that describes you related to PDBC. That will remain your screen name on PDBC website in future so choose carefully!

Follow the format given below for submission.

Subject Line: Submission for Reader’s Write

In email body:
a. Title of the submission
b. Concept
c. References if used any
d. Name of writer
e. Any pseudonym you prefer

Mailto: pocketdiarybookclub@gmail.com