• Backpack Library

    “Sharing Stories, Building Communities.”

    here are some rules that could apply to a backpack book library:

    1. Borrowing Limit: Borrowers can take a maximum of two books at a time to ensure fair access for everyone.
    2. Return Deadline: Books must be returned within two weeks. If you need to renew, please contact the library coordinator.
    3. Respect Others: Treat borrowed books with care and return them in the same condition. No writing, folding, or damage allowed.
    4. Sharing is Caring: If you’re done reading a book and someone else is interested, consider returning it early to allow others to enjoy it.
    5. No Hoarding: Please avoid keeping books for an extended period. Return them promptly for others to enjoy.
    6. Community Contributions: Donations are welcome! If you have books in good condition, feel free to contribute to the library.
    7. Notify for Loss or Damage: If a book is lost or damaged during your possession, please inform the library coordinator to discuss a solution.
    8. Respect the Environment: This library thrives on trust and mutual respect. Help maintain its integrity and cleanliness.
    9. No Commercial Use: Borrowed books are for personal enjoyment only. Any commercial use or resale is strictly prohibited.
    10. Enjoy and Explore: Explore different genres! Feel free to recommend favorite reads to fellow users.

    These rules aim to ensure the fair use, upkeep, and enjoyment of the backpack book library for everyone involved